David BaMaung

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I am currently the Director of Strategic Development at CAMOR, a specialist security consultancy. I recently served as a Security Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Manchester Arena Public Inquiry team regarding the terrorist attack in 2017. Prior to this, I worked within the police service for 39 years. I served 30 years as a uniformed officer within a number of areas including public order, CBRN, Crime Prevention and Counter Terrorism, and almost 9 years as a Counter Terrorism Security Advisor (CTSA)/CTSA Supervisor. My principal areas of responsibility were Insider Risk mitigation and development of Insider Risk exercising programmes. I have worked with the Interpol CBRNE Terrorism Prevention Unit in developing Insider Risk training programmes, and also served as a consultant to the Airpol (EU Aviation policing body) Insider Risk Group, where I developed a training programme for Airpol members regarding Insider Risk.