Frank Cannon

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I am an independent consultant for hire through my own company called Cannon Asset Protection Limited. I have created The CAP Way which is a series of proven processes that I have used during my 40-year career in the armed forces and commercial security environments. No BS, just logical, repeatable, and defensible processes that are grounded in scientific research that deliver a structured professional judgement. My three focus areas are: 

  1. Creating and communicating protective-security governance that increases the certainty of business success.
  2. Creating and Delivering Behavioural-Based Security (BBS) awareness programmes to encourage a security culture within organisations.
  3. Collaborating with the UK Construction Industry to raise the value of protective-security programmes to reduce the negative impact of crime.

I was formerly the head of security at the largest construction site in Europe; we were building the first nuclear power station in the UK for 30-years. Protecting people, property, information, and the project reputation in a regulated environment was both challenging and rewarding. The need to evidence compliance against our security plan that, itself must satisfy regulatory expectations, requires a comprehensive understanding of industry best practice. Responsible for personnel, physical, technical, cyber, and protective security, I have the honour to work alongside a group of top quality people. My personal (none negotiable) values are: honesty, humility, humour, and happiness. My passion is my work.