Richard Flint

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Technical and Commercial Lead for Physical Security at BRE (Incorporating LPCB)

Over the last 25 years, my responsibilities have included managing the evaluation and certification of physical security products, overseeing the delivery of R&D programmes, preparing guidance and delivering other technical support services to a wide range of external stakeholders.

I have been responsible for the preparation, publication and maintenance of several Loss Prevention Standards for physical security products and services. These include:

  • LPS 1175: Issues 6, 7 and 8
  • LPS 1224: Issues 2 and 3
  • LPS 1225: Issues 2 and 3
  • LPS 1242: Issues 1 and 2
  • LPS 1270: Issue 1
  • LPS 1654: Issue 1
  • LPS 2081: Issue 1
I have supported the work of several national and international security standards committees and working groups. This has previously included the Home Office PCRAT (property crime) and VCRAT (vehicle crime) action teams.

I am often called upon to provide technical support, advice and training on physical security issues to police, insurers, architects, design/security consultants and Government departments/agencies. This has included work with BECTA (former government agency responsible for ICT in schools) on reducing the theft of ICT equipment from schools, preparing a standard to support the specification of school doorsets for DCSF, supporting the development of Approved Document Q, developing standards and guidance for Government organisations in several countries, and delivering training on security standards and testing for NaCTSO and other agencies in the UK and abroad.